Salute to Service 2023 | Team Rubicon

Thank you for attending Salute to Service. We look forward to seeing you next year!


This year, we’re celebrating over 100 missions served and saluting the resilience of Canadians. Our unwavering commitment to stand with each other to help communities recover is what will propel us through the challenging times ahead. Our Salute to Service is an event that highlights the extraordinary work of our Greyshirt volunteers and honours our supporters who make it all possible.


This event will feature an audio-visual experience rendered and presented by renowned artists Colin Menzies and Wilmer Aburto. The Calm in the Storm art installation will show the devastation brought on by severe weather events and the humanity that pulls us through.


Hosted by former Network Anchor and Canadian Journalist Kevin Newman, with Special Guests- former U.S. Ambassador to Canada and partner Bruce and Vicki Heyman


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