Turn The Nation Grey | Team Rubicon

As we eagerly anticipate the season of giving, Team Rubicon Canada is thrilled to launch our annual Go Grey for TR campaign this Black Friday. We’re reaching out to our incredible supporters to join us in making a significant impact in boosting awareness of the incredible work we do for communities in need.


Over the upcoming weeks, our social media channels will come alive with inspiring stories of service, illustrating the profound impact of our collective efforts. We believe in the power of these narratives to turn the nation Grey and showcase the resilience and readiness of global communities.


We invite you to be a part of this transformative movement—Go Grey with us! Your active involvement not only amplifies our stories but also plays a crucial role in recruiting volunteers and attracting donors. We couldn’t raise awareness of all the impactful work we’re doing without champions like you!


Here’s How You Can Go Grey for tr

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Encourage family and friends to smash the like button on our social media channels @TeamRubiconCan, links to our accounts:

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Share or retweet our posts by simply pressing the share button to show what your support makes possible.

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Like and comment on our posts, this helps amplify our stories of service to a wider audience.

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Share on your social channels how and why you support Team Rubicon Canada. Include a photo and be sure to tag @TeamRubiconCan and add the hashtag #GoGreyForTR in your post before publishing.