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The SWEAT (Service Women’s Education and Training) program was created to connect a diverse community of women with shared values who advocate for women’s advancement, enhance leadership skills through women-led education and training events, and create a dedicated support system that empowers Greyshirt volunteers, personally and professionally.



RIVER is an intensive, in-person, service-based program, designed to foster and grow a thriving veteran and first responder community of Greyshirts. With thought-provoking discussions and service projects to reinforce purpose, community and identity, this program will equip Canada’s Warriors with the tools and community to navigate the challenges of transition and beyond. 



Team Rubicon Canada’s veteran Emergency Management training initiative is in full swing!  In a groundbreaking collaboration with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), we’ve revolutionized veteran employability by immersing them in the Incident Command System (ICS).  This globally recognized system is the linchpin for orchestrating emergency responses across North America and around the world, seamlessly coordinating efforts among government entities, the private sector, and NGOs.