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RIVER is an intensive, in-person, service-based program, designed to foster and grow a thriving veteran and first responder community of Greyshirts. With thought-provoking discussions and service projects to reinforce purpose, community and identity, this program will equip Canada’s Warriors with the tools and community to navigate the challenges of transition and beyond. 


RIVER is designed for veterans and first responders, Canada’s warriors. Many transitioning warriors struggle to adjust to life without a mission. Strong cultural bonds are formed within the military and first responder communities that are difficult to find elsewhere. The adjustment to life outside of service cultures often leaves these Warriors with many challenges trying to find a place to belong again.  Without a strong support network, guidance, and a renewed sense of purpose, many Warriors struggle.


The RIVER program produces three outcomes that are critical to the success of our mission:


RIVER is centred around built-in service projects that help our neighbours in need and increases community resilience across Canada so that no one has to face disaster alone.


Provides individuals with a healthier transition to civilian life, and the opportunity to continue their life of service while working with others with similar backgrounds and experiences.


Through thought-provoking discussions and self-reflection, participants are given the tools and support to better adjust to the many transitions they will face throughout their lives.

No longer accepting applications for the 2024 RIVER Cohort

RIVER Program FAQs

How long is the RIVER program and what are the dates?

RIVER is comprised of two separate parts; virtual and in-person. The virtual piece will begin in February 2024 and consists of a series of online sessions, where the cohort gets to know one another better and are introduced to concepts and tools that are a part of the program. The second phase is the in-person portion and runs for approximately 10 days (including travel). At this time, the in-person portion for 2024 is expected to run from April 12-21.

When does the application process open/close and what are the steps?

The application process for the 2024 serial opens on Nov 15 and closes on December 15 at midnight. Successful candidates will be informed early Jan 2024 if they are selected. The application process starts with a screening form. From there, select applicants are invited to a panel interview to determine their suitability for the cohort.

Are my expenses for RIVER covered by Team Rubicon Canada?

Yes. Any reasonable expenses not provided by the RIVER program, such as meals while in transit, airport parking, etc. will be reimbursed through the standard Team Rubicon Canada claims process in adherence to our financial policies.

Do applicants have to be Team Rubicon Canada “Greyshirts” to be considered?

Yes. Applications will not be reviewed unless the individual is considered deployable. If you are having issues with your profile, contact [email protected]. To apply to be a Team Rubicon Canada volunteer, visit

I served with foreign military and/or emergency response service. Am I eligible for RIVER?

RIVER is open to Canadian Greyshirts who served with foreign militaries or as firefighters, police officers or paramedics outside of Canada. That said, each foreign service application will be reviewed, and a judgement of suitability made on a case-by-case basis.

I just recently joined Team Rubicon Canada. Can I still apply?

Absolutely. RIVER intentionally combines people from various service-related professions as well as TR experience to create a diverse group that can learn from one another. Each cohort will have a mix of new, and seasoned Greyshirts.

I have a physical limitation, can I still apply?

Absolutely. If this applies to you, please indicate on the RIVER screening form that you have physical limitations. If you are selected for an interview, your physical limitations will be discussed with the panel, and you will receive accommodation if selected for the cohort.

Do I owe anything to Team Rubicon Canada if I attend?

No. While we hope that you register to attend Team Rubicon Canada training and operations after completing RIVER, there is no incurred service or cost for participating in the program.

Is this the same as the Clay Hunt Fellows Program (CHFP)?

While there are similarities between the two programs, RIVER and CHFP differ in many ways. Completion of one does not prevent you from applying to the other. CHFP is run by Team Rubicon in the US and more information can be found by clicking visiting

I was released from service for mental health reasons, and/or see a mental health professional. Does this prevent me from applying?

A medical release for mental health, a diagnosis of PTS, use of anti-depressants as prescribed by a physician, or current care provided by a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist in no way precludes you from attending RIVER. That said, it must be understood by all participants that RIVER does not provide psychotherapy. This topic is discussed during info sessions and the interview stage in more detail.

I’m a US Greyshirt and am a Veteran/Emergency Responder. Can I apply for RIVER?

Currently, only Canadian Greyshirts are eligible to apply for RIVER. That said, select US Greyshirts may be invited to apply for upcoming RIVER cohorts.

I would like to attend but will have to take work calls during my time there. Is that okay?

Unfortunately not. While RIVER does have built-in time for reflection, the expectation is that you are able to focus on the programming and project. While unexpected events of a personal or professional nature may arise while you’re on-site and require your attention, it is expected that you arrive with no distractions. That said, there are times for you to call home and check in as well as deal with routine personal administrative matters.

Will I get my own room while attending the RIVER program?

No. Sleeping arrangements are similar to Team Rubicon operations.

Do you accept applications year-round?

Not currently. Without a dedicated full-time staff for the administration of files, this is the best way to ensure that no applications are misplaced.

I have more questions. Is there someone I can contact?

If you require additional information, you can email [email protected]. Please note that the staff that monitor this account are not full-time employees and there may be a delay in replying to your inquiry.