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who serves

Anyone can join and deploy with Team Rubicon on domestic and international disaster operations. If you're committed to serving those in need, there's a spot for you on the Team.

What it's like to serve

Volunteering with Team Rubicon is not easy. You'll dig deep, get dirty, and work hard. You'll be challenged.

Why we serve

Disasters can happen anywhere at any time. Team Rubicon exists to provide the greatest service and impact to survivors and communities in need, no matter where. Simply put, we help people on their worst days.

we value your time

Registering online as a volunteer takes only 30 minutes and there is no time commitment - you serve when you can.

4-8 Hours
Local Operation
1 day
1 Day Minimum
Domestic Operation
1 Day
1 Week
International Operation
1 Day
2 Weeks

Already got special training? Let's put it to work.



  • Greg McGrath

    Tech Specialist


Want to learn some new skills? We've got you covered

  • Chainsaw Operations
  • Expedient Home Repair
  • Technology
  • Incident Command System
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Stories of Service KELLY SCANLAN

Canadian Army veteran

When I came home from Afghanistan, I felt directionless and struggled to find a new purpose. With Team Rubicon, I was able to work with an amazing group of people and experience the strength of being part of a dedicated, hardworking team again. It didn’t matter that we came from different military and emergency services backgrounds. We were connected by our past experiences and now united by a shared goal of wanting to help however we could and put a bit of hope and goodness back into the world.

How much of my time is required as a volunteer?

There is no time commitment - register and we'll get you out to the field when you have availability to deploy. Generally, domestic operations will require a week of your time, but potentially less if you are local to the response.

Do I have to be a veteran to join Team Rubicon?

Nope. While many of our volunteers are veterans and currently serving military, anyone is welcome to join the Team so long as you're willing to serve those in need. We'll train you up so you're ready for whatever Mother Nature tosses at us.

How much does it cost?

Team Rubicon goes to great lengths to make sure that volunteers don’t incur expenses while on operations. When a volunteer is activated through official channels, their transportation, meals, and lodging are paid for. Team Rubicon will also provide the necessary equipment and supplies, but asks that volunteers bring their own personal gear (good work boots, proper clothing, travel bag, personal hygiene kit, etc).

What do Volunteers do on operations?

Each disaster is its own unique situation, and TR will always tailor its response in order to make the largest impact possible. While many of our operations address gaps in aid during emergent disasters, Team Rubicon will also deploy teams in proactive settings, which can be planned months in advance.

Who goes on operations?

Any Team Rubicon volunteer who has completed their profile and the initial online training steps is eligible for deployment. Some missions will require a specialized set of skills or geographic proximity to the disaster zone. When Team Rubicon deploys, TR Staff and the incident commander work to ensure the teams on the ground are properly equipped and prepared for the situation. International missions usually require a specialized skill set and a valid passport.

What are the background check vetting criteria?

Our background check exists to ensure a safe operating environment for our members and the communities we serve. There is a small fee for the background check, and we will walk you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am disabled or have physical limitations. Can I still volunteer?

Yes, absolutely. There are many roles in disaster response, many of which are perfectly suited for a veteran with physical limitations. We only ask that you know your own limitations.

How do I start signing up for operations? How will I be notified? Why haven't received any in the past?

When an operation is approved, a notification will be sent out to members within a 700km radius of the incident (so make sure your address and region are accurate in your profile). If you are not receiving the notifications:•Ensure your email address is up to date in Roll Call.•Check your spam filters aren’t catching emails from TR.•Check that you have not unsubscribed from TR emails.

Where's my grey shirt?!

At Team Rubicon, we earn our grey shirts. Get out to a service project or deploy on an op to step into the grey and get your hands on a grey shirt.



Step into the arena as a Greyshirt

Directly impact our mission as a Greyshirt volunteer, where you and your diverse, badass, service-fueled teammates will lift people and communities up when facing disasters.