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Service is the driving principle of Team Rubicon operations and our members.

Team Rubicon focuses on serving vulnerable and at-risk populations affected by disaster. While the initial damage and trauma of natural disasters and humanitarian crises will impact any population regardless of socio-economic factors, the financial burden of recovery and rebuilding has dramatic and long-lasting repercussions on many rural and urban populations lacking proper insurance and public and private resources.

All Team Rubicon services are provided free of charge.

A lot of homes Team Rubicon has serviced may not have had home insurance coverage for damages. Most extreme weather events and humanitarian crises disproportionately affect vulnerable populations. Wildfires, tornadoes, and severe thunderstorms commonly devastate areas with households that earned on average less than the average Canadian median income. It is easy to imagine the positive, long-term impact Team Rubicon’s free assistance provided to these families.

Homeowner Impact

Ruth M., Ottawa, Ontario

I appreciate the common sense advice and emotional support the team offers.

These guys. I'm blown away by their awesomeness. Team Rubicon Canada volunteer Francis is a Gatineau firefighter - he has to work tonight after a full day of volunteering. Jack is using his vacation days to help us. Much gratitude. It is going on 3 weeks and I'm really exhausted to the point that I can't think straight so, over and above the physical help from Team Rubicon Canada, I appreciate the common sense advice and emotional support the team offers.