Team Rubicon | Built to Serve | ICS Training

Team Rubicon Canada’s veteran Emergency Management training initiative is in full swing!  In a groundbreaking collaboration with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), we’ve revolutionized veteran employability by immersing them in the Incident Command System (ICS).  This globally recognized system is the linchpin for orchestrating emergency responses across North America and around the world, seamlessly coordinating efforts among government entities, the private sector, and NGOs.


The demand for Emergency Management professionals in Canada is surging, with over 400 positions waiting to be filled.  Enter our veterans, armed with their unique skills and mindset, poised to embark on careers that make a tangible impact on communities grappling with their darkest days.  The Team Rubicon Canada/VAC training program is the gateway to success, offering veterans and active Canadian Armed Forces members ICS 200 and 300 level training at absolutely no cost.


But this isn’t just another training opportunity – it’s a ticket to real-world experience!  Our participants have the chance to apply their newfound skills on Team Rubicon operations worldwide, where they become vital contributors to disaster relief efforts.  We have already left our mark in several locations in Canada and will be building on our success with training events across the country in the coming months.


Ready to seize this opportunity?  For more information that could change your life, reach out to [email protected] today!  Join us in shaping a future where veterans not only find purpose but become the driving force behind transformative Emergency Management endeavours.

Veterans interested in ICS training, please email