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Flood Response in Eastern Canada

In April 2019, snowmelt and rainfall overwhelmed parts of Eastern Canada. Along the Ottawa River, flooding reached record levels as residents struggled to save their homes.

As the floodwaters recede, homeowners are facing the continued physical and mental challenges of displacement, and the dangers of infection from contaminated water and mould. Each passing day presents greater risk, greater costs and greater hardship for the communities that need our help.

On April 19th, our Greyshirt volunteers rushed to the aid of those impacted to help sandbag their homes. Since then, they’ve been managing emergent volunteers, and gathering critical information in partnership with the City of Ottawa and the Canadian Armed Forces to prioritize help for those in their darkest hour.

This is how Diana, a local homeowner, expressed her gratitude to our Greyshirts:

“Thank you does not even begin to explain how I feel, and will never be enough… When Evan Johnson and Zach arrived yesterday, I immediately knew I was in good hands. Thank you to you, Evan, Zach and the entire Team Rubicon Canada team for assisting those of us in need. Evan was a very welcome and calm source of support in what could be very anxious times.”

To date, our efforts have saved affected communities $61,889That’s more than 12 times the value for each dollar we’ve spent.


We’ve now started the difficult recovery work, including home clean-up and debris management, to help families get back on their feet and into their homes as safely and quickly as possible.

Team Rubicon Canada is a national registered charity. We rely on generous donors like you to train, equip, mobilize and deploy our volunteers where and when they’re needed most. You have the power to make a difference in the lives of families affected by this disaster.