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Canadian Volunteers Deliver Southern Comfort

Disaster relief volunteers deploy to the American Southeast to help serve survivors of historic hurricane season. Before responding to Hurricane Sally with Team Rubicon, Canadian lawyer Amilah Abd-Al-Rashid had never held a chainsaw. After, she held her Chainsaw 1 qualification, and the knowledge she’d played a part in helping 584 survivors in Florida and Alabama … Read More

From The Field

In Service, Finding Soul Food

Deploying with Team Rubicon recently I found true soul food—or, food for the soul. But, what is food for the soul? Let me give you just a little taste:   It’s community: This is the powerful thing that drives Team Rubicon Greyshirts to the heart of disasters. The external community, in the heart of disaster, is full … Read More

Stories of Service

Above and Beyond: Veteran Volunteers Go From Sawyers to First Responders

They weren’t even supposed to be there. Not as a team and not as individuals. Yet somehow the universe conspired to put four veterans—each from a different branch, each from a different part of North America—in front of a home with a downed tree in Orange, TX, in late October and then on top of that … Read More