Reflection: Joy Duggan | Team Rubicon

Reflection: Joy Duggan


I am forever grateful for the opportunity to join Team Rubicon. When I first heard that TR was coming to help out in my hometown of Fort McMurray  I assumed they would be like all the other NGO’s out there; well intentioned but of limited effectiveness. My initial perception couldn’t have been further from the truth. After going through Module 1 of the TR training I could see that they are a highly organized, no bs, kick ass organization.

My experience with TR PayDirt was like finding an old friend I didn’t realize I missed. I was amazed to see how quickly  camaraderie was built within the team and was inspired by their work ethic. In each operation the members are asked during the end of the day briefing to share any significant observations or experiences they may have had. At one point during PayDirt I was worried that maybe I was missing something or not making connections with the homeowners or team members as I didn’t have anything to share.  Then I realized that simply being there and listening to the shares of every one of the amazing people around me was my greatest take away. While fantastic work was done for the homeowners affected by the disaster the real magic was in how the Tribe supports each other after an operation. I have kept in touch with some of the members and mostly creeped on the Facebook page but it’s very comforting to know that at any time I can post a question or share a thought and someone will respond.



I would argue that a week volunteering your time with Team Rubicon is more valuable for your body and soul than a vacation, and costs way less. Imagine it as a spiritual retreat in the Tibetan mountains with a Marine drill sergeant leading pt every morning and a Irish footballer teaching drinking songs around the campfire at night all the while a Buddhist Monk spreads his healing zen dust all over the tribe.

It was inspiring to work and live with like minded individuals who are there taking time out of their regular lives  to help hurting citizens.   I can’t see anyone coming out for a Team Rubicon deployment and stating that it’s not for them in the end. I am truly a better person for having met each and every one of the tribe. I can’t wait for the next call!



Thank you for facilitating getting us Canucks down to West Virginia. The humidity kicked my ass but it was another amazing experience.

I work at our local Legion so once we get back up and running I will actively be recruiting vets for Team Rubicon Canada!