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Wildfires Bring Humanitarians to Serve a Nova Scotia Community 

“The structure was gone in 15 minutes,” said Del Arnold.  Everything except the contents of two suitcases had been destroyed in a fire. Arnold’s loss was part of Canada’s worst fire season on record: over 120,000 Canadians evacuated, and more than 20 million acres burned by the end of July.        Arnold had recently … Read More


Operation Kumsheen Response: Reflections from Breyan Sinnott

While flying home from Lytton, British Columbia, I reflect on my experiences while serving as a grey shirt deployed with Team Rubicon Canada on Operation Kumsheen Response. I deployed on Operation Kumsheen Response from August 21, 2021 to August 28, 2021. I was a member of Strike Team Alpha, meaning the first team to operate … Read More