Salvaging service memories after the wildfire | Team Rubicon

Salvaging service memories after the wildfire

A Greyshirt reflects on her deployment to Tantallon Nova Scotia

On Monday, June 26th, I had the opportunity to engage in a meaningful Greyshirt experience in the Tantallon region. My assigned task involved performing a sifting operation at a particular residence. To my surprise, I was immediately recognized as I approached the homeowner. 

The homeowner and I share a unique bond, having served and worked together as Signal Technicians in the Canadian Army. Our paths crossed during our time at Task Force 3-08 work-up training in Texas, where we underwent intensive training. More recently, I had the honour of serving as the Canadian Army Foreperson of Signals while he held the position of Senior Technician in Gagetown. 

During the sifting operation, a remarkable discovery unfolded. Among the items we recovered was the homeowner’s cherished Communications Branch Challenge coin, which I was able to return to him. It was heartwarming to witness the joy on his face as he held this precious memento once again. 

Although the circumstances surrounding our encounter were tragic, reconnecting with the homeowner brought a sense of comfort and positivity. Recovering some of his valuable keepsakes served as a small victory amidst the difficulties he had faced. 

Overall, this volunteering experience with Team Rubicon Canada allowed me to contribute to the community and reignite a special connection with a fellow comrade. It reminded me of the deep bonds forged during our military service and the lasting impact we can have on each other’s lives.