Restoring hope for one proudly Canadian homeowner after the storm | Team Rubicon

Restoring hope for one proudly Canadian homeowner after the storm

Saturday, May 21st, was a momentous day for Doris McFadden and her family, who live in Peterborough, Ontario. That evening a tornado struck her home, downing a large maple tree and other smaller trees in her backyard. The tornado had also destroyed one shed, severely damaged another, and covered her property in several feet of debris.
The fallen tree had also shredded the Canadian National Flag, which had proudly waved from her shed for the past several years. When Team Rubicon Greyshirts arrived to clean up, they found her tattered Canadian flag wrapped around the broken flagpole and ensured that she received it. Strike Team Charlie continued working at the property, sawing wood into manageable sizes and removing it to the street with other debris.
Unbeknownst to Mrs. McFadden, a Greyshirt had secured a new Canadian National Standard on a supply run to support the work effort at her house. At the end of the work day, Strike Team Charlie presented her with a new flag that could fly proudly at her home again. It was an emotional moment for Doris and the Team Rubicon Greyshirts, a moment that helped restore a little hope and fuel a brighter tomorrow for the McFadden family after the storm. Bravo, Zulu Greyshirts!